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Outline of Procedures For Care

STEP ONE: All new patients are requested to fill out this personal health history questionnaire.

STEP TWO: A one-on-one consultation with our Integrative Asian Medicine practitioner (IAM), Mary Maurer L.Ac will be done to discuss your health problems and to determine what may be the cause. 

STEP THREE: A comprehensive examination and evaluation including those tests necessary to determine the precise cause to your problem is given.

STEP FOUR: Our “IAM”, Functional TCM Acupuncturist, Mary Maurer, LAc. will advise you if additional laboratory tests or x-rays are needed.

STEP FIVE: After your 3rd Functional TCM Acupuncture Wellness therapy, you will be given a Report of Findings (ROF). After that You be offered a personalized Optimal Wellness treatment plan should further therapy be warranted. This includes a thorough explanation of how You, your acupuncture treatments, TCM formulas, and/or nutritional supplements have been working in support towards your Optimal Well being, and what results have be obtained. You will also be advised concerning how our office procedures work, and should you be accepted for care, further treatments will begin.

STEP SIX: Your treatments will continue as we explain your functional imbalances with your continued functional treatment findings. After several visits we will sit down again and discuss the care necessary for you to become as healthy and happy as possible.

STEP SEVEN: An estimate of the future care that is needed will be given and upon your acceptance, care will continue until the personal maximum functional correction of your problem has been obtained.

STEP EIGHT: After maximum functional correction has been obtained, a schedule of care will be recommended to help prevent future problems and maintain good health.


To achieve the model of health, wellness and optimal performance, the nervous (Qi ) system needs to be able to operate with as little interference as possible. The human body is a complex system consisting of many parts all working together to help it perform to the best level possible.

If one part of the body malfunctions or doesn’t operate at its optimal level, it can weaken the function of the entire system. Interference can come from many sources—here are 6 major interferences to health and wellness:

  • Structural interference—this refers to an imbalance in the body’s nervous system, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, or fascia. Pain and disease are key indicators of nerve and structural interference
  • Electrical pollution—electromagnetic pollution from fluorescent lights, TVs, computers, cell phones and microwaves can cause the body to feel weak, create headaches and prevent cells from building and repairing the body properly, allowing illness to set in
  • Nutritional interference—nutritional interferences may include a poor diet, lifestyle, malnutrition or a need for targeted nutrients to correct any underlying chemical imbalances in the body
  • Allergies & sensitivities—most illnesses such as headaches, back aches, and joint pain are caused by undiagnosed allergies. If left untreated, allergies can become serious life-threatening illnesses. By determining what allergies or sensitivities you are suffering from and identifying the root cause, there are measures to take to help you overcome them naturally
  • Emotional stress—emotional stress can affect your immune system. Stress symptoms can affect your body, thoughts and behavior. Being able to recognize common stress symptoms can give you a jump on managing them. If your stress is left unchecked it can contribute to many health problems.
  • Toxins—environmental toxins are found in food, the air, water and even clothing. These toxins can deplete the body of life giving elements which can leave us feeling drained of energy and hinder our ability to heal naturally from illnesses and injuries. Common problems of toxicity include: headaches, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, and allergies.

By identifying if these 6 interferences are affecting your health and correcting them along with your doctor’s help, you can achieve symptom relief and total wellness.

The information contained in this communication is for educational purposes only and is in no way medical advice, please always consult with your doctor about your specific medical needs.

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